Sunday, 24 February 2013

Great Weather For Moving House

Yesterday we moved DS No.1 back to Sydney for another year at university into a new residence. 
With 'torrential rain and strong winds' the forecast, I was not keen.
However, months ago he bought tickets to 'Soundwave', a really 'sick' concert and it is on today. With SO many bands on his 'bucket list' to see live, it was hard to postpone the trip.

Lots of slow moving traffic as we move onto Sydney Harbour bridge.

We had just one minor glitch with the Tom Tom really hates tall buildings in narrow city streets combined heavy cloud cover. Luckily I had my own Tom (singular)  sitting next to me. Living near the CBD last year paid off as he directed me around the one way streets until finally... back onto George Street. The Tom Tom (plural) started talking to the satellites again and everyone was happy. 

DS No.3 came along to assist with the heavy lifting and was great company on the way home as the rain was even heavier and the wind had picked up speed.

The big question....

Did I get some stitching done?

Yes indeed I did.

DS No.1 drove half the way there and now I only have two rows of blocks with sashing to slip stitch and I am ready to join the rows.


  1. Dreadful driving conditions, but at least you had some helpers, and got a chance to sew.

  2. Well done with the stitching!


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