Sunday, 3 February 2013

Gift To Welcome A New Baby Boy

One of the ladies I know who are expecting gave birth to a beautiful baby boy last week. The plan for yesterday was to tame my garden. However, more rain and really cool weather prompted me to stay indoors. I embroidered these cute bunnies onto a singlet. Then a train onto this body suit.  

 Finally, you will either love or hate this one. Some little ants onto a bib.

 I saw this idea a long time ago, but had not given it a try until today. Some of the ants are bit like people. You know, some a little longer or shorter, thinner or wider than others. It was tricky trying to get them to look the same. I think 5th and 10th from the right looks like they may have been trodden on at some stage. I'll add these to the Jungle Bungle bib I made earlier.


  1. I love those bullion stitched baby singlets but haven't done them for ages. You know, I think I have the exact pattern pages you have worked from, as the diagrams match your work. They are very cute and I'm sure they will be loved.

  2. So Nice... Love the little ants :)

  3. I LOVE THE ANTS! There are amazing, would love to learn embroidery! I am very jealous of your talent!


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