Sunday, 17 February 2013

A Very Productive Night

 At midnight I had one row of blocks to join together. Unfortunately, I had to do just a little bit of reverse sewing on the eighth row, so decided to finish the last row in the morning.


 One of my favourite haberdashery items are these Row Marking Safety Pins. It is SO easy to keep track of the placement of each row if you have to pack up and then want to lay the rows out again later. Each pin has a different letter of the alphabet and is so much easier than writing on pieces of paper and pinning it to the block like I used to do to.

So here a are few rows laid out. There are nine in total.

Now I have lots of hand sewing to do while I slip stitch each piece of sashing  on the back of the quilt by hand before I can join the rows together. 


  1. I agree with Peg, this is gorgeous, helps that is my fav fabric Rural Jardin :)

  2. Love the images in the circles! And yes, I think those pins are a great idea. Any thing that helps with organization is a plus in my book!

  3. Looks great Raelee


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