Friday, 22 February 2013

FNSI The Boring Bits

This is my first FNSI post. I have watched some beautiful projects in progress and being completed since I started blogging in January. I decided to join as it is so motivating and nice to see everyone's progress.
I am have stitched half of the sashing pieces on the back of the quilt down. Once I have finished doing this, the blocks will be completely joined into rows....Twenty seven pieces of sashing down and twenty seven pieces of sashing to go. I must say, it is becoming a little boring.

So, today I decided that I would get another boring job out the road. I joined all of the sashing pieces that will go between the rows for the front and the back of the quilt, as well as the binding. So binding is good to go once rows are joined. 

Will hopefully get a bit done in the car tomorrow. Taking son No. 1 back to Sydney for his second year at university. I hope to do a bit of stitching while he has a turn behind the steering wheel. 


  1. All that sashing does look a bit tedious, lucky that you can sew in the car. Maybe a good movie would help too. It will all be worth it in the end.

  2. Don't just makes it too daunting!
    Its growing so fast and looking really good.
    See you on the hway tomoz. Im doing a Syd and back too!
    Safe travels Xx Lea

  3. I'm glad you made progress. I was just saying last weekend that I wish my 13 yr old could drive so I could sit in the passenger seat and stitch on road trips. lol. Someday..

  4. Visiting from FNSI - Thankyou for your wonderfull comments on my blog.
    Cute sticheries & I love the circles. I must admit I've often wished my car had an auto pilot so I could get some of those tedious finishing jobs done on the trip to town. Maybe one day?! :)


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