Sunday, 10 February 2013

Progress despite going back to work

Well now that I am back at work, progress on all projects has slowed considerably...or should I say come to a halt. It's incredibly annoying how that happens. Bring back the holidays I say.

I haven't had the time or energy to sit at the sewing machine. However, sitting to do a little cross stitch at night has certainly been a nice way to end the day. I have now completed, washed and ironed my Christmas cross stitch. 

 I was nervous about washing it, as the Sampler and Weeks Dye Works threads are not colour fast. I stitched a few crosses in each colour on some Aida and did a test wash.Yes, the red did run. However, I found Colour Catcher in the supermarket, held my breath and as you can see, it washed up perfectly, no colour runs.

Then I wore my cotton gloves while I stitched the charms on so I did not soil the linen again.

So, off to the framers some time this week I hope.

It will be nice to have something new to put on my wall this Christmas. 
Hope you had some time to stitch this weekend too.


  1. It's lovely, so glad you didn't have any threads run on the finished wall hanging.

  2. Love this one...always loved seeing its progress...well done!

  3. This is exactly what happens with me. Holidays over, all craft stops.
    Your cross stitch is beautiful and can't wait to see it framed xx


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