Saturday, 17 October 2015

A Legacy From Violet is Done !!

Drum roll please!
Cue trumpets...
Daa,daa, daa, da,da,da, DAAAAAA!!!!!

 My first EPP project measuring about 94" x 97". My friend Julie and I started our own 'Violet' quilts together. We decided not to let the size of a project dampen our enthusiasm for starting something new. That was ten years ago, and it is finally done. It's hot and windy here today, so I had to coax a few quilt holders to with help me with this photo session.

I hand quilted this on my Grace Hand Quilting frame.

So I'm building up the courage to wash it. Anyone who follows this blog will know about the little problem I had with some colour run after squirting water onto some border flowers to remove the water soluble texta lines.

This is where it will be during Summer. So I'm linking up to CrazyMom Quilts for Finish It Up Friday and Monday Morning Star Count at Life Under Quilts.

If anyone has a suggestion as to be a better app for my iPad for posting other than Blogger, I would love to know. Posting from the iPad today due to a really bad computer virus affecting my laptop. Blogger seems to make my photos a bit blurry and I find posting from my laptop gives more options with photo size, font etc.
Enjoy the weekend.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Finish It Up Friday

I forgot to show you a finish from the previous week. DS No. 3 and his girlfriend were invited to a fancy dress 18th birthday party. So they decided to go as Syndrome and Mirage from the movie 'The Incredibles'.

DS 3 has just enough ginger in his hair, although the photo does not show this.

The outfit was made after a couple of trips to the op shop. I purchased a black skivvy and removed the turtle neck, then appliqued a large 'S' on the front after cutting up a white A-line skirt (also from the op shop). The super villain underpants were made from the same skirt. The cape from royal blue lining fabric.

This is the effect we were aiming for.

The boots were the tricky part. I had to make a pattern for these, working in three dimensions is challenging. I lined white cotton fabric with bag wadding. The boots fit over his shoes and attach with a big strip of velcro up the back.
'Mirage' was able to shop on-line for her dress and wig. Being a teenage girl, she had stilettoes in stock.

I was hoping to show you my 'Violet' quilt complete. I am so close. I did finish quilting it on Thursday, so it's sort of a finish. My frame is now empty and I am thinking I might quilt my French General Lumiere quilt next.

The final stitches were made around this flower.

The back.

Another backing shot.

A peak at the front.

Hopefully I can show you the finished item next week.
So I'm linking up with Amanda Jean at CrazyMom Quilts for Finish It Up Friday.

Have a great weekend.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

I'm on a roll!

I'm so excited that for two months in a row I have actually finished more than one item in a month. Peg and Chris who organise OPAM will be shocked and amazed!!

My first finish is this block holder. A gift for my good friend Caron who recently celebrated her birthday. I couldn't show you earlier because I know she checks out my blog from time to time.

It is made with Tilda fabrics that I thought she might like.

My other finish is a quilt for a special person celebrating her 21st birthday this month. Just needs a label so I can wrap it up for her. The design is a giant log cabin.

I'm really happy with the clam shell quilting Meredith did for me at The Quilting House.

It is backed with a brushed cotton as the recipient feels the cold and I thought it might be snugglier (is that a real word?). Anyway, you know what I mean.

So I am also linking up to Finish It Up Friday with Amanda Jean as well.

Last night I joined in with Friday Night With Friends. I started with a little more free motion quilting.

And some hand quilting on my 'A Legacy from Violet' quilt. I can finally see the finish line!!

This quilt it 98" x 94" and is English Paper Pieced. I have an area 98" x 13.5" to left to quilt!! This has been a VERY long term project.
As I rolled the quilt on this week, I finally got to see the far edge of the quilt in my frame. This is pretty exciting as I started hand quilting this on the 7th June. I'm hoping it might be my finish for Finish It Up Friday next week!!
I worked on this during Friday Night With Friends.

Finally a few photos from the Wendy Williams workshop I attended at Material Obsession last Monday. Lea worked on her camel.

I started a new project called 'Wee Village Town Pillow'. This project is in Wendy's book.

 I finished one house...

 ...made a good start on a tree and attached the contrasting fabric to the cushion backing. As well as picking up a few tips as other people worked on their projects.

This is where I am up to now.

The houses and tree  are not attached yet. This is fun and fast. Love playing with felt. Could it be that I will have two finishes for OPAM this month?

I guess my progress will slow down as  the school holidays finish up on Monday. But it's been fun and full of lots of stitching get togethers with friends.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Quilting Weekend

Last weekend the Cassilis Quilters had a lovely time at Fairy Floss Stitches house for a weekend of stitching. 
Julie worked on 'Smitten'...

...and 'Preppy the Whale'.

Susan showed us her magnificent quarter inch mini completed...

 ...and worked on hand quilting 'Irish Circles'.

Lea showed us her gorgeous fox quilt in Liberty prints.

Cardygirl joined us on Saturday and worked on her 'Whirlygig Quilt'.

Kylie at  Red Raspberry Quilts finished hand quilting her 'Gardener's Journal'.

There were birthdays to celebrate!

What did I work on? 
Well I free motion quilted the weekend away...

Can't wait to wash away the blue lines.

Note: No that is not a stain in the bottom left hand of the quilt. Strange camera malfunction(?).

I also completed the binding on my Tilda Quilt. Will show you next post along with my project from the Wendy Williams workshop I attended.

Enjoy the long weekend.