Saturday, 26 April 2014

OPAM Finish for April

 Today I am linking up with Finish It Up Friday and OPAM as I do the big TADAAAA!!
and show you my Star Flannel Quilt finally finished. I hand quilted this in DMC Perle 8 thread. Please excuse the washing hanging either side. As you can see, its an overcast day and I needed to get the boring jobs done before doing the fun stuff.

 Quilting on the back...

I quilted eight pointed stars on the larger blocks.

Here it is on my son's bed. An antique one I purchased at an auction years ago.
I love the carving at the head and foot. The whole thing was painted fire engine red when I bought it.

The carving  reminds me of the Legacy Torch and and the wreaths we lay on ANZAC Day. I must research the significance of this one day as my Uncle thinks it was made back as early as 1920.

Which leads me to my final photos.

 Son No. 3 played euphonium during the ANZAC Day parade yesterday. He took part in three parades. The first one in a small town nearby. It only has about 1500 people and they were very excited to have a band lead the parade for the very first time. Then back on the bus to head down the highway to play during the parade and commemorative services in two more towns.

 Perfect Autumn weather prevailed as we remembered those who made the ultimate sacrifice.
Lest we forget.

Friday, 18 April 2014

FNSI and Toes In the Sand catch up

Yesterday was very quiet. Mr Stitch unfortunately working this Easter weekend. Son No. 1 home tonight for Easter break. Son No. 2 spending time with his girlfriend and her family before she heads back to uni and Son No. 3 recovering from birthday sleep over with mates.
Nothing to do here but sew.
I decided to catch up on my Toes in the Sand BOM. I was  three months behind. But I am all caught up now.
Block 10

Block 11

Block 12
All blocks are now completed and I have fabric to finish this quilt. Thanks goodness for holidays. It might be a finished flimsy before too long.
During the evening I joined in with Friday Night Sew In. Pop over to Wendy's blog if you would like to sign up or take a look at what other people were up to. I kept plugging along with the quilting on my Star Flannel quilt.

 I am looking forward to all of my family being home tomorrow and celebrating Easter.

Happy Easter to you and your family.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


I am so excited, no, make that relieved that the problems I experienced when attaching the star border are resolved and I have finished adding border number four....the hexagons and diamonds. It is SO big now, I have to stand on the dining room table to take a picture!! Over 80 inches in each direction.
To jog your memory, here is a photo of me trying to ease the star border on last year. The result was a VERY bumpy quilt. The quilt was banished to the cupboard for a few months until I stopped sulking had a little think about it. Anyone who does EPP knows, there is no point moving on because the rest of the quilt will not fit together.
Now I have a smooth, flat flimsy. I never really knew until this border was on if it was going to be OK.

So next border is the third and final border stripe. I have the papers ready to cover with fabric....

...and the scallops on the final border are joined and glued onto the background and currently being appliqued.

So, I am going to take a little rest from Violet while I finish the quilting on this WIP. This flannel was almost finished when Summer hit. I just couldn't swelter under it any longer and put it away until Autumn arrived. Now the nights are cooler, I am determined to make it my next OPAM finish.

I hope you have time to stitch too.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

FNWF, Cassislis and Violet Progress

The tittle of this post is long, but don't worry, have told the story in pictures rather than lots of boring words.
 Friday Night With Friends (FNWF) started early with our bi-monthly get together of the Cassilis Quilters.

Julie bound her daughter's quilt.

Kylie worked on her Rosalie Quinlan Stitchery. 

Susan worked on her Irish Circles and Lea on her Lynette Anderson project from Nundle.

I joined scalloped pieces before lunch and then stared to add the fourth (hexagon) border afterwards. I finished adding these borders last night during FNWF. If you look closely, you will see that flowers have been appliqued on the star border....did that last week.

Some of these flowers have been fussy cut...and some made out of some REALLY ugly fabric. I apologies to all lovers of purple, but it is my least favourite colour. These flowers were stitched on the long flight to visit my brother in London back in 2007!! They have been hiding patiently in a box waiting to  finally see the light of day. Eighteen lucky ones are now on the quilt. The other eighty will have to wait a little longer until I have completed the scallops on the sixth and final border.
If you would like to see what others got up to last night, click on the image above.
Have a great weekend.