Wednesday, 16 April 2014


I am so excited, no, make that relieved that the problems I experienced when attaching the star border are resolved and I have finished adding border number four....the hexagons and diamonds. It is SO big now, I have to stand on the dining room table to take a picture!! Over 80 inches in each direction.
To jog your memory, here is a photo of me trying to ease the star border on last year. The result was a VERY bumpy quilt. The quilt was banished to the cupboard for a few months until I stopped sulking had a little think about it. Anyone who does EPP knows, there is no point moving on because the rest of the quilt will not fit together.
Now I have a smooth, flat flimsy. I never really knew until this border was on if it was going to be OK.

So next border is the third and final border stripe. I have the papers ready to cover with fabric....

...and the scallops on the final border are joined and glued onto the background and currently being appliqued.

So, I am going to take a little rest from Violet while I finish the quilting on this WIP. This flannel was almost finished when Summer hit. I just couldn't swelter under it any longer and put it away until Autumn arrived. Now the nights are cooler, I am determined to make it my next OPAM finish.

I hope you have time to stitch too.


  1. Oh well done Raelee. You must be so pleased, it all fits together magnificently. Love your flannel quilt too, that will be lovely to work on as the cooler weather arrives.

  2. It looks fantastic. You must be so pleased and relieved that all you work and perseverance has paid off. Enjoy your hand quilting.

  3. Just beautiful...and most definitely worth all the tears and breath holding!

  4. This is awesome Raelee,you clever chicky,well done.xx

  5. OK, seriously, I literally screamed when I saw this! TOOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL! I mean it! I LOVE all of the scraps!


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