Saturday, 2 March 2013


My first Friday Night With Friends was spent at McDonalds in the Sydney Entertainment Centre. Why you may ask? Well, Son No.2 had bought tickets to see Ed Shearan. He hasn't been driving long and it is such a long way, I was asked along to share the driving. Second trip to Sydney in seven days. Both times the driving conditions were dreadful due to the bad weather.
I did get to make a stop on the way into the city at the Crewel Gobelin for some linen and threads for two new cross stitch projects that need to remain a secret for the moment.

After some reconnaissance to find a suitable place to stitch, I found McDonalds was the best option there...mainly due to the good lighting. It was PACKED!! So decided to look around the shops in the area.

 Son No. 3 is travelling to South Korea in a cultural exchange with his school in April. I was lucky enough to stumble across a shop that sold gifts with an Australian flavour for him to give to the lovely family that will host him while he is there.
That helped to fill in time while I waited for the HUGE  crowd to vacate Maccas.

First some supplies to keep me hydrated and nourished and then to work.
My brother and his wife welcomed a baby boy into our family last Sunday, so I decided to do a little stitching onto a few items of clothing. They have just returnd to Australia after living in London for many years, so I thought this would be apporpriate. Practice on a singlet first.


Then a row
of little soldiors onto a bib. I almost finished a little teddy bear onto a body suit but will have to show you that one tomorrow.
 I hope you a had a chance to sew along last night too.


  1. Very your son and your stitching!

  2. I LoVe your bib being personalised like that! It's wonderful! Thanks for joining in FnwF with us. :)

  3. Love the little soldiers on the bib, great stitching!


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