Thursday, 7 March 2013

A Lovely Day at the Cricket

Today my friend Kylie and I took our boys and some of their friends to play in a cricket match. They were playing for their school team against another school about one hour away.
We made a very quick trip to a quilt shop once the boys started play for a few supplies (started a new project last weekend...will show that one soon). Then with hot chocolate and muffins in hand, found a lovely shady spot under a jacaranda tree to settle in and cheer the boys on.

Kylie started another block in her Scandnavian Rose quilt.

 I took the linen I bought in Sydney last weekend for one of my secret cross stitch projects.

The boys had a great time and played really well.
The bonus was they came away with a win.
We get to do it all again tomorrow night when they play in the local competition. Their team has made the minor semi-finals this season.


  1. A lovely way to pass the time with a friend. Good luck to the boys for tomorrow.

  2. I know that pattern! Glad you had a lovely day!


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