Tuesday, 3 September 2013

One weekend ago...

So to update you on progress with my A Legacy From Violet quilt...I have now completed the two short sides of border four.
One weekend ago (which is really two weekends ago now) I packed up this portable project and took it to Sydney with me. No. 3 son had been selected to take part in the Festival of Instrumental Music. A series of four concerts organised by the Department of Education each year.  Ensembles and solo musicians from various public schools across New South Wales perform at the Sydney Opera House. He had been practicing his part all term and finally met the other 60 high school students from across the state to rehearse together for the first time on Saturday and Sunday. Then rehearse in the afternoon and perform on Monday and Tuesday evening in the Great Concert Hall. The concert also included primary school students who make up an 800 strong recorder ensemble, add to this a 200 strong string ensemble (made up of infants school children) for the finale. An amazing performance to watch. 
(Sorry, not a good photo, bad light)
That obviously meant that I would have a lot of time to fill in while he rehearsed...you know...time to shop...time to sew...I was excited! Unfortunately the plan all fell apart when the cold I had been nursing for three weeks and seemed almost better became worse. Instead of hitting the patchwork shops Saturday morning once he was safely escorted to rehearsal, I took myself to the nearest medical centre. I had self diagnosed an ear infection with the right side of my head feeling twice the size of the left and pain radiating into my eye socket and down my neck. Next stop, the pharmacy and then back to the motel room. My plans dashed and nothing to do but rest. Eventually I did a little bit of sewing now and then once the drugs stared to work.
You can imagine my disappointment!!

 I started on this, a birthday gift from Kylie , but I didn't get far. I stuck to covering the half diamonds I had cut out at the retreat I attended the weekend before. On the third day, feeling a little better, I laid out the pieces for one of the long borders and meticulously labelled the back of each piece (over 200 of them) assigning it a number and letter so I could store it in a bag and know exactly where it piece would go as I stitch it together.
Then I could be assured a good mix of colours throughout the border. Sounds a little too organised doesn't it? Some would even say... a little obsessive. Why not just put your hand into a bag of hexagons or diamonds and make it a lucky dip?
Nah...whenever I try that method, I end up with the last of the hexagons or diamonds all the same colour. Then I have to undo it and spread those remaining hexagons throughout the quilt. Far safer to be over organised than reverse sew I say.
 The system works well if you stay focused and label them correctly. You have probably noticed the hexagons on the RH side are both labelled '2c'. Whoops. I did a better job labelling the triangles.



  1. Oh you poor thing. I can imagine how disappointed you must have been, but I hope you're getting better now. I have tried the random method too, and I agree, only "organised random" for me too. The concert must have been fantatsic with that many kids playing together.

  2. So sorry you weren't feeling well? But, happy you were able to enjoy your son's musical performance. It sounds magnificent!

  3. ohh nnnooo hope you feel better now and congrats to your son,thats quite an achievement.xx

  4. Love what you've been making. Hope you are now feeling better xx


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