Saturday, 31 August 2013

Two weekends ago....

So, two weekends ago I was invited to a quilting retreat with some lovely and talented ladies. It was so nice to spend the weekend away from the usual chores that tend to interfere with valuable sewing time. Rather than starting a new big quilting project, I decided to work on some of those projects I have been meaning to start or finish for ages. One project had been eight years in the making!!!

The first job was start on this Christmas table runner. I even quilted it myself. I have been trying to do the odd small project to practice my quilting on. I bought this fabric earlier in the year from here and you can search for the free pattern called 'Hugs and Kisses Quilted Table Runner' from here.

 Then I finished these cushions. I started them...oh...about eight years ago. You won't believe that all they needed was a rectangle of felt added to the back to make it into an actual cushion!!
 The problem was the backing was never stored with the front. I would find one when looking for something but could never find the other part so the two could be joined. Obviously, they were eventually found simultaneously.
 I bought this lovely wool felt and pattern from here.
Hmmm..I wonder how long it will take me to make inserts so they can go from flat Santa to fat Santa?

Then I completed Block 4 in my Toes In The Sand BOM.
Finally, I cut out about 70 half diamonds for the border of my Violet EPP quilt.
My OPAM tally for August is now four.
Not a bad effort for one weekend.



  1. such beautiful projects you have done really well.xx

  2. Lovely projects you're working on. It's such a good feeling to get some of those smaller things done.

  3. Busy, busy! Your Christmas projects are lovely, you've made a great job of quilting the runner.


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