Thursday, 29 August 2013

Three weekends ago...

OK, so it's been a while since my last post.
Basically, I haven't been home much, especially on weekends. Away three out of the last four weekends and away again tomorrow.
The good news, I have had time to sew while I have been away.
Rather than bore you with an extremly long post. I will update you one weekend at a time. 
So...three weekends ago my parents visited and we had a lovely, quiet catch up with them. Mum and I got to do some sewing. I made this quilt to send to Cheryll. Cheryll organises the Blankets of Love. This is a very thoughtful idea of Cheryll's that supports families at a very sad time in their lives.
While quilting this I learnt how to use one of the gadgets that came with my machine. I really like how you can quilt in straight lines without marking them.
My mum made this cute bear for my nephew. She also crocheted a rug in some lovely earthy tones in a cool chevron pattern...that I forgot to take a photo of...sorry.
Next installment coming soon.
Enjoy your weekend.


  1. What a lovely little quilt you are donating! I love straight line quilting also!

  2. Such a lovely little baby quilt, and for such a good cause. Your Mums teddy is very cute, how nice that you can spend time sewing together.

  3. how lovely that you have made a blanket of love,well done with your straight line quilting.xx

  4. Love the bear and the quilt. Lovely to spend time sewing with your Mum.

  5. Gorgeous blanket of love....and the bear is just so cute....


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