Tuesday, 24 September 2013

On Sunday I took an excited car load of teenagers to Sydney. During this school holidays, they are heading off to South Korea with their Principal and one other teacher for ten days. First stop Seoul for some sightseeing, then a flight to Jeju Island. Next a two hour ferry ride to Chuja Island where they will stay with host families from a school of just 37 students for about four nights. Our local high school has been participating in a student exchange program with students from South Korea for about 6 years now. We have hosted three students in our home so far and it has been such a wonderful experience. Yesterday our youngest son flew out on his adventure.
Here he is with a few of the girls..

 ...and a few guys. Eight in total.

They washed cars to raise money for their team shirts, it was easier to identify each other in a busy airport.
A few of the mums are of a quilting disposition. I suggested that as the children were catching an early flight, we could 'patchwork shop hop' our way home. After all, we would be at least a little sad to wave our children good bye and perhaps some retail therapy would cheer us up.
I just have to digress here and say that getting him packed up to go was much more stressful than actually waving him off to visit another country far, far away from his mother. An example of what I mean? Well, I could sworn I spoke English when I said "Go and pack your bag, you fly out tomorrow." Some how was interpreted as "Go to you room, sit on your bed with you iPad and chat to your  friends on Facebook for AT LEAST an hour." While the girls in the photo have sent their mothers detailed messages and photos of the trip so far. I  discovered he had unfriended my on Facebook AGAIN. The message I finally received when accepting my friend request?...'Hi Mum'. That's it. Mothers of boys out there, I know you feel my pain.
Anyway...back to the shopping.
With TomTom securely attached to my windscreen, we navigated our way through the city on our own adventure.
First stop...Quiltsmith. They have SO much fabric!! My friends Sandra and Mandy (no blogs for these ladies) made some lovely fabric purchases. Just a new thimble for me.
Next stop...and this is where Kevin will be jealous...Material Obsession. (Check out Kevin's blog as he starts his own Soul Searching journey.)
When we pulled up out the front of the shop, we were greated with this wonderful sign !!!

I purchased wadding for my current Star Flannel Quilt project. Backing for my next flannel project. Yes, there will be another one after the Star Quilt...not sure what it will be and not untill next Winter. But I couldn't resist the lovely Woolies flannel MO stock when it is half price. I am becoming a bit addicted to flannel fabric.


I'm not sure why I needed this fabric other than it caught my eye on my last visit and it was now half price.

 ...bags of scraps were just $3. So I got one of those.
On my to do list this holidays...sort my fabric into one central location so I can start making some scrappy projects from this book...
...and another I am anxiously waiting to arrive in my letter box any day now. I am in my collecting phase at the moment.
It was very inspiring to see the quilts hanging downstairs in this shop and those made by the peope who were attending a class while we were there. You can see them on the Material Obsession blog here.
All of this shopping made us a bit hungry so back in the car. 'Sat Nav' programmed and we headed for Killara where there is a lovely cafe next door to the Crewel Gobelin.
This store is under new ownership. The lovely helpful ladies who used to own it have been replaced by equally lovely helpful staff. No patchwork fabric here. Just lots and lots of embroidery thread, linen, aida, embroidery and cross stitch patterns.

A couple of new (little) projects and some linen for projects already on my to do list.

Even though I was weary from my big day, I couldn't resist starting this one last night. Forty count linen, definitley need my glasses for this one.
To finish off (sorry, should have warned you this post was long) an update on my Star Flannel Quilt. Hopefully finished tonight and ready to quilt tomorrow now that I have wadding.

Bye for now.


  1. goodluck for their adventure............i'm sure you soften the pain of bidding them farewell with that shopping............

  2. A great adventure for your son, and yes, I do feel your pain. I'm glad you got to go shop hopping, although sometimes the sheer volume of fabric and choices can be overwhelming. I love the red and white print, no wind you had to have it. Your flannel star looks great....I hope this pesky warm weather goes away so you can get quilting.

  3. Hope they have fun! Your shopping looks fabulous!

  4. Exciting trip for the kids. Luckily my kids haven't De-friended me YET :)
    Great idea about the shopping. Love what you bought

  5. WOW! What an amazing experience for your son. Give him a week with me, and I will show him why it's important to keep his mother informed! LOL Scrap bags? Did someone say SCRAP BAGS! I'm in HEAVEN!


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