Saturday, 21 September 2013

Cassilis Quilter's Get Together. (Plus the lengths a blogger will go to)

 We had a lovely day at Cassilis yesterday. There was lots of 'Show and Tell'. Above you can see Julie (no blog...still!! ) with gifts she has made for her new born niece. Will definitely address to 'no blog' status she has this school holidays.

This is one of Lea's new projects. Lea had more to show, but I was a slack photographer....sorry.

Susan had LOTS to show.

I worked on my Legacy From Violet Quilt. STILL working on that large hexagon border..this one will take a while.

It was a lovely day out with good food at the Plough Inn and good company. Unfortunately poor Kylie was unable to attend due to illness.

The countryside was just lovely on the journey over. The canola fields were such a vibrant shade of yellow that we just had to stop and take a picture of the little 'fixer-upper' we saw barely standing in the paddock amongst the canola.

It was interesting to see the lengths a blogger will got to if they want to get the perfect shot with their camera. First a drive down the track.

Here is Lea, wading through long grass, risking snake bite, possible broken ankle falling down a rabbit warren and torn clothing to get to the highest fence post to get the ideal shot of the house.

Once strategically balanced...she could take the photo she was longing for.

  And what was is that she was trying to capture?

This was the shot taken in the morning. Once we were back on the road, we realised that the best shot could be taken from the main road. Can you believe it??  So....of course we had to stop on the way back in the afternoon to see how it would look in a different light.

Hope you're enjoying the weekend. I stayed up till something (?) past midnight on a new project. Here's a sneak peak.

I just love how you can do that during the holidays. Hope to finish it tonight and quilt it while the evenings are still cool enough to require a quilt on your lap.


  1. Great pics...lovely projects....and obsessed blogger...all adds up to a great day out!

  2. It looks as though you had a wonderful trip! The photos are breathtaking! I can't wait to see your new project! It looks like it is VERY scrappy? YUM!

  3. We did have a good day out. Great photos of the canola, the yellow is so vivid. Your new project is looking good, and yes I do love it when you can keep sewing late into the night. So did you open the other layer cake?

  4. LOL... love the bottom shots!!
    It was a great day... thanks for your company.

  5. gorgeous pics and lovely work girls.xx

  6. Lovely quilts and the pics are just gorgeous.

  7. There was some beautiful show and tell... now Lea showed some real commitment to the blogging cause didn't she! Your new starry project looks lovely...

  8. Gorgeous photos of all the show n tell. Love the lengths you girls go to get a photo. I must make Hubby stop more when we are bike riding :)


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