Sunday, 13 January 2013

Working On My New Year's Resolution

I don't usually make NY resolutions, but this year I decided  that I will.
 For 2013 I WILL sew more. 
Now that I am going to sew more, I will actually have something to blog about.
 (First job, create a blog....tick)

So here is my first project completed for 2013. A purse I made from a kit my friend Julie bought for me at Girls Day In the Country. I couldn't attend and she gave it to me as a consolation for my non-attendance. Thanks Jules.
So here it is complete...I love working with felt.
Hmmmm....I wonder what I will keep in it?


  1. Welcome Raelee - it's about time!

  2. Welcome Raelee. Love your little purse........of course you will keep more stitching in it.

  3. Welcome to blogland. Lovely purses

  4. Hi Raelee, welcome to BLOGLAND. Will we meet your at Nundle this year ???

    1. I hope to. I haven't organised to go yet. Better hurry or I will miss out.

  5. Sewing money! So glad to see you, need to catch up!

  6. Will call you tomorrow. Glad to see you are getting a little stitching done too. Life must be returning to normal.


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