Thursday, 24 January 2013

Two down, two to go

I have been toiling away at border no. 2 on my Violet quilt. I have had a few mishaps.

Looks like I need to make some adjustments to the corner piece (top left). 

And ....

Looks like I will need to do a fair bit of 'easing in' as I stitch the second border on.

Now I have eased the second border on. Two sides down and two to go. These side borders are really bumpy and don't lie flat. Obviously due to the fact that the border I have attached was wider than the first border. I checked the measurements and the first border is the correct size. So, now I have a few questions.

Do I go on? 

Am I going to have problems fitting the rest of the borders on? 

Will lots of quilting smooth out the bumps?

Should I undo everything and adjust the paper pieces for the background fabric to make it all fit better? I am a bit disappointed because I carefully checked each template that I made against the one in the pattern.

What do you think?

The next border is the same as the first, so easily adjusted to fit. The fourth border is quite wide and is made up of about four rows of 2" hexagons filled in with diamonds. Then two more borders after that. I would love your advice before I proceed any further.


  1. Oh that is so frustrating. It might quilt out, but that's a lot of work to risk if it doesn't. I would probably throw it in the back of the cupboard in disgust...........and after a while I'd pull it out and redo the pieced border. It's too pretty to not finish.

  2. this is gorgeous...Welcome to OPAM.....X

  3. Just beautiful even with a couple of little "challenges" along the way :)


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