Sunday, 13 January 2013

Pippy's PJ's

My brother and his wife have a beautiful little girl. Last year I made a doll for her and she took a liking to it and called her Pippy (sorry, don't have a photo).

I bought the pattern on a visit to Blueberries on the Central Coast and made a very bright sun dress for Pippy with a red felt cardigan to match. Pippy has red hair and blue eyes, just like my niece.

Yesterday I completed a two pairs  of pyjamas and a soft pink dressing gown for Pippy to wear when the weather gets colder. (It will get colder....eventually).
I also have a little silver suitcase for Pippy's clothes to be packed into for when she goes on holidays.
It is Tilly's second birthday next month, so I need to hurry if I want to finish the shorts and t-shirt for this hot summer weather we are experiencing.


  1. Awwww Raelee, they are TOO darn cute :)

  2. Thanks Fiona. I've made a few small simple bears, but not dolls. It's been fun making the tiny clothes.


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