Sunday, 27 January 2013

I love it when the pieces fit.

Now I thought I would see how those bumpy borders would look once they have been pressed.

Well, they are flatter and look much better. I will still need to do lots of quilting to smooth it all out. I decided that if I have to undo it, I might as well make it a big job. 

So yesterday I completed the third side of the border and it fitted beautifully!! Phew!!!

So, I'm going to continue with fingers crossed. If it all goes pear shaped, I'm going to follow Susan's advice and just throw it to the back of the cupboard in disgust...then maybe I'll start a new project to make myself feel better.

Maybe I I'll start something out of the new book or new fabric I just bought from here.


  1. I'm glad it's working for you. At least now you can keep an eye on each border. It's going to be such a beautiful quilt, I hope it doesn't end up at the back of the cupboard.

  2. Looks gorgeous... Also looks like we've both been taking advantage of Aussie Weekend Specials from a CERTAIN shop :)


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