Saturday, 19 January 2013

Charlie the well trained dog.

Meet Charlie, our 12 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. 

This is how Charlie spends about 80% of his time. When Charlie is not sleeping (and snoring loudly) he accompanies me when gardening, on trips to the letter box and checks the back yard for the neighbour's cat when I hang out the washing.

Charlie has never really mastered fetch. However he has learnt a much more important trick. Charlie NEVER walks on fabric placed on the floor. So the last few days I have had my stars laid out around my medallion to see if I am happy with the placement, Charlie never walks over them, rolls on them or lets a paw anywhere near them. A much more important skill to learn than fetch...don't you agree?

I have now joined the stars with a diamond. I have four border pieces that are now portable and no chance of mixing up the placement. Now to fill in the gaps with more background fabric.

Here are some shots of the lightning storm we experienced last night after a very hot day. Same storm, but look at the difference in the colour of the sky.
Charlie used to be so frightened during these storms, he would sit literally right under or on top of your feet. Now he is becoming so deaf with old age that he doesn't hear the low rumblings of thunder and lightning any more and he sleeps right through the storm.


  1. Oh your Violet is looking good. I love it even more now that the borders are growing.

  2. Charlie is so cute - especially when he snores! Leah just loves him. Violet is coming along - you are certainly on a roll with it. Those thunderstorms certainly were something. We watched them from our verandah. Amazing but unsettling.

  3. The quilt is looking fabulous! Great storm pics.

  4. WIOW looks great so far :)


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