Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Monday Mornng Star Count, OPAM and A Catch Up

I recently replaced out old dinosaur of a computer with a laptop. There seems to be so much to do and relearn before you can get back into the regular business you do everyday on these clever devices.

So now to catch you up on what I have been doing, apart from experience a bit of  'techno rage'. I really do not posses any  patience when dealing with technology.
The technical difficulties meant I couldn't catch up with Monday Morning Star Count last week, so here is my progress for the last two weeks. I have now completed 15 stars and think I will need about 150, so a tenth of the way there. Haven't started joining them yet, still thinking about layout. I am really enjoying using bright fabrics from my stash during this beautiful Spring weather.

I also rescued a special quilt. My sons music teacher has a, well....it's more like a 'blankie' than a quilt. It was in need of repair and he asked if I could mend it for him.

His Grandma had quilted a blanket inside some nursery fabric. You can see how the edges had just worn away with use.The pictures in the designs were quite cute. 

 I had to reinforce the corners where the fabric had worn down to the blanket inside. I then simply bound it with extra wide binding. 

 Rescuing this special memento of his Grandmother made me think.... I hope my boys (and maybe one day grandchildren), get so much use out of their quilts as they get older. Loved so much until they are threadbare as well.  

Finally...sorry this post is very long. I made two of these yesterday. Can you guess what it is?
Here it is folded up and upside down.

Now right way up.

Now unfolded.

A view from the top.

It's a thread catcher that folds up to take up no space at all in your sewing kit. I made it in fabrics to match a bag I carry my EPP Star Quilt in.
 That makes my OPAM tally for September three finished items. Cant show you the other thread catcher just yet...more secret birthday sewing.

Hope you are enjoying your day.


  1. Your stars are looking really good, so bright and Spring-y. Lovely to be able to rescue someone's quilt, I think we all have the same hopes and dreams for our quilts after we're gone. Nifty little thread catcher.

  2. The thread catcher is indeed nifty! Looking forward to seeing more stars...

  3. The stars are wonderful! I think we all need a fold up thread catcher!

  4. Hi Raelee ,your stars are so cute and you will soon get used to your new computer.and how lovely that you could rescue the lovely quilt,well done.xx

  5. I Love the blanky..such cute pictures on it... very special and lovely of you to rescue it!!
    great stars too!


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