Wednesday, 1 October 2014

One more OPAM finish for September

Some years ago I made a quilt that comprised of eight pointed stars. Before cutting the excess fabric from the corners, I stitched an extra seam a half inch from the original and this produced about 130 HST. 
Why? Well I just really liked the fabric and couldn't beer to waste it. The little blocks measured about 2 inches square.

Then they lived in a little snap lock bag for years with other left over fabric until this week when I decided to finish off a few half started UFO's that have been stowed in the bottom of a basket. Now it looks like this. I have just managed one more finish for OPAM for September. Total for September....4!

Now I have a small Christmassy table runner. One thing I learnt from this project and my Toes in The Sand quilt is that pressing seams open when sewing triangles really helps matching points. I have always pressed seams to the side, but now I'm definitely a seams open quilter when the pattern contains these tricky points.

So now the basket has one less UFO and I see there are a few stitcheries. That's right, a few years ago they were going to be gifts until I got far too busy leading up to Christmas to complete them and then bought something from a shop instead....two completed cross stitches that need to be turned into something, a wall hanging perhaps? Another cross stitch not complete..... an old Girls Day In The Country needle turn appliqué project! How long ago did I start that one? Delving further I see a few more half started or not even started kits.

How many do you have?


  1. Hi Raelee wow i love this and how great that you got to use your left overs for it,it looks fantastic and thankyou for the tip about the seams i used to iron the seams open and then i kept reading to iron them to the side,i am going to go back to ironing them open,lol,hope you have a lovely day my friend.xx

  2. That is really cute. I love how easy the chevron is to put together. I have four new little hangers ready for your ufo's!

  3. Great finish Raelee!… keep working on that basket… you never know what is buried in there!! Xx


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