Thursday, 23 January 2014

Summer Skirts

Recently I saw some simple skirts made in lovely bright fabrics. Unfortunately I didn't really like the price on the tag. WAY too expensive.

Then I saw this book in Spotlight and decided I would have a go at making one myself. The last time I made clothes for myself  I was pregnant for the first time. That baby will turn 21 in March.'s been while. A simple A-line skirt can't be too hard...right?

There was a bit of experimenting involved, tracing the pattern, making the lining, trying the lining on for size...ooops wrong size. More pattern tracing...hopefully the right size this time. Another lining made and this time it fitted. Hooray! Finally confident to cut out the skirt fabric and begin to sew the skirt and put a zipper in for the first time in years. Here is the result.

I made this one last night. This morning I went back to the shop. This time looking for fabric to make one to wear to work. Something a little darker and more practical .....did I mention I work with children. Light coloured clothes and young children, never a good combination.  I made another adjustment to the pattern and this one fits really well. 

So now I'm keen to try out some variations on the pattern. There are seventeen to choose from in the book. Not that I will need that many.


  1. They are gorgeous Raelee, you are a clever girl. But where's the selfie?

  2. Lovely skirts. I used to make all my own cloths but now it's just easier to buy then. You're an inspiration.

  3. Wow these skirts look terrific,well done.xx


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