Tuesday, 28 January 2014

First Skirt Variation

 I have now started experimenting with some of the variations on my A-Line skirt pattern. I am really happy with this. It took a little longer to make, especially the cute little frill at the bottom, but well worth the effort.
I love the bright fabrics!

The orange slicks of colour were cut on the bias, so I had to refresh my memory on how to make continuous binding.

Not sure why the bottom fabric looks flouro green, but it definitely lime green with a small white dot.
Zipper installation went much more smoothly with this one, thanks to the tips I received from the lovely dressmaker who sold the zippers to me.
 Not sure I want to risk getting paint on this one at work.
The really cool thing is that I have lots of REALLY bright fabric scraps left over to use in future patchwork projects.

If you're an Aussie, I hope you had a great Australia Day weekend.


  1. I love it Raelee. It looks fantastic, really professional. Looks perfect for a stitching day at Cassilis.

  2. Raelee this is just so lovely well done...

  3. Cool! So, you sew garments also???? Nice! I am sure you are happy about the scraps too! LOL


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