Saturday, 25 January 2014


Well, I tried to work on one of the variations of my skirt pattern as I joined in on Friday Night Sew In. However, I also had one eye on the tennis. Roger Federer is a favourite of mine and he was playing world number one. Thre Australian Open is popular viewing in our house. With Nadal in front, I just couldn't focus on tracing out a new pattern, so sat down and added (almost) two rows to my Violet quilt. This is a very large border and as I have been working on other projects, is taking a while.

Two thirds of the way there.
Hope you time to sew a little this weekend.


  1. Great work, especially while watching TV. Thanks for stitching with me last night.

  2. I watched Roger too...he is such a wonderful player and person :(
    Nice work at FNSI too... that border will be fantastic! :)

  3. Gee your sewing looks pretty, well done.

  4. Your Violet is going to be so beautiful, and the effort of that border so worthwhile.

  5. Good things are worth waiting for.......and this looks like a VERY good thing to me!


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