Monday, 13 January 2014

First project for 2014

I stitched this little project on the way to the beach. I always enjoy making Christmassy projects in January. More time to relax and enjoy.

I have also been working on the third side of the hexagon border of my EPP Violet quilt. Nice to work on this project again. Up to row fourteen of twenty four. 
Can I just add, this is my first post created on my new iPad. A Christmas gift from Mr Stitch. I've had a few technical problems getting used to uploading photos etc. Thought the teenagers would be able to help. However, they were no use to me and I'm proud to say I displayed uncharacteristic patience with technology and worked to out myself!!
So nice to sit in the comfort of a lounge chair while blogging rather than an office chair in front of the computer. How lazy do I sound?

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and project filled 2014.


  1. Such lovely work,well done.xx

  2. Happy New Year to you! It sounds like Mr. Stitch took into consideration your blogging needs!

  3. Great cross stitch, glad you had a good break. I cant see the violet pic.

  4. That is a really sweet little cross stitch, love the alphabet in the heart. I can't see the violet pic either. You will love using the iPad.

  5. I like your x-stitch too!…you might need to play with the uploading of photos again as I can't see Violet either!


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