Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Year's Day

We had lots of fun hosting a small NY Eve party with a few friends and neighbours last night.

I was pleasantly surprised when Mr Stitch offered to help me assemble my hand quilting frame I have been painting recently. 

This offer was made despite the fact he was a little worse for wear. No I didn't ask him, totally his suggestion. What a great guy!

There were lots of pieces to assemble...

including over 20 pieces of timber, lots of poles and hardware.

We assumed fairly traditional roles where I read the instructions and lined up the nuts, bolts etc, and Mr Stitch assembled the pieces.

He did need a snack and a little nap half way through while I started to assemble the poles. After all, it was after 4am when we were tucked up in bed. Something to do with a darts challenge laid down by Mr 16 and friends to the over 40 year old males. You know how fathers cannot resist a challenge laid down by their teenage sons.

It's now finished and ready to have a quilt attached for hand quilting. Unfortunately I have a slight problem with the leader cloths I purchased. So, it will stand empty for a few days until that is sorted.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2015.
Happy New Year!


  1. Well done to figure it all out, with or without hangover! Won't be long now before you're quilting.

  2. woo hoo..........whats going on first...............hope you get the bits sorted ASAP..........

  3. He is a good fellow! It looks huge and amazing!

  4. It sounds like doing the quilting will be easier than the assembly. Well done to you both. Mick put up a garden shed yesterday. I think your project looks more complicated.

  5. Well done, he's a keeper :)
    Love the photo with him sleeping in the background LOL

  6. Matt gets lots of brownie points for that effort! It looks fantastic!..we'll expect some amazing quilts now!! Xx Lea

  7. Beautiful frame. That Mr. Stitch is a handy guy.


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