Saturday, 24 January 2015

FNSI Sun visor Caddy

Last night I made a quick little project called a 'sun visor caddy'. I found the pattern years ago in a Homespun magazine No. 92 (Vol 12 No.1).

WARNING: The pattern has some errors for cutting instructions and general instructions were a little difficult to understand....or... maybe a was a little too focused on the tennis as I sewed. It's been a great tournament for our young Aussie tennis players at the Australian Open. Either way, I threw away the magazine and worked out the assembly myself.
 DS No. 3 told me I was 'channeling my inner male' when I did that. He had a tone of pride in his voice as he said it.

This caddy attaches to the sun visor in your car. 

And folds up out of the way.

Mr Stitch and I are planning a road trip at Easter. He likes driving really long distances and I like sewing while he drives. It's a win-win situation. But, the console in the car is not very conducive to the storage of scissors, threads etc.

So the scissors are safely kept in place with a press stud.

There are pockets for packets of buttons, reels of thread etc. and the split ring holds embroidery threads.

It even has a little needle case. 

The Velcro straps keep it attached to the visor.

Just need to start preparing the portable projects now.

I had a finish last Friday too but haven't had time to show you. I made this sign for DS No.3's bedroom door. He is slowly setting up a little recording studio in his bedroom and I keep walking in at crucial creative moments. No, he doesn't have plans of being a rock star, just likes recording and mixing sound.

This project is from Annie Downs' book, 'A Boys Story'. The sign is reversible and as he is about to commence those last two years of high school studying for his HSC, I thought this was appropriate for the other side.

 The felt stars were appliqued onto self covered buttons. Sorry, photo is a little fuzzy.

Today I am linking up with Friday Night Sew In and Finish It Up Friday. So pop over and take a look at what everyone else was doing.

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Happy Sewing.


  1. sometimes you wonder what people think when writing patterns.........
    this will be great for the trip.....everything handy but out of the way.............

  2. Hi Raelee yes not good when the pattern instructions are wrong,but by gee you did a marvelous job without them.Oh i love the signs you made for yours son's door,so very clever and practical,hope you have a wonderful long weekend my friend xx

  3. Great projects Raelee. You are so lucky to be able to sew in the car. I hope the study side shows a lot over the next two years.

  4. Love the caddie, so handy as well. The colour selection is great.

  5. Great caddy! How frustrating that the pattern was littered with errrors, but you worked it all out beautifully in the end.

    I hope your sign encourages your son to study more and play less :)

  6. What a fantastic idea xxxx thanks for the plug glad you have joined again xx

  7. What great projects! I love the sun visor caddy and need to make something like this. I just had a bunch of papers fall on me while driving the other day! Thanks for showing us all the creative!

  8. The popper is a good idea to keep the scissors safe.

  9. I love the caddy! That's such a neat idea.

  10. love the sun visor caddy.... there is always need to put things is a safe place in the car....

  11. What a clever idea, I've never thought of a sewing kit for the car before! And I love the door hanger too - I have a DS who would also merit one of those.

  12. What a fantastic idea! Shame I am always the driver! lol Dont think it would quite work for me.

  13. Your sun visor caddy is awesome Raelee! You have done a great job in spite of poor instructions (which I know can be very frustrating).

    Love the signs for your son's door. I picked up Annie's book a few years ago but haven't got around to making anything from it yet. have been toying with making the signs for my nephew. Maybe this year :).


  14. just dropping in from fnsi...
    what a great idea with the caddy - i take my EPP in the car & my scissors always fall down the side of the seat!
    I hope you enjoy your sewing-on-the-go!

  15. Love your sewing car caddy. What a great idea. Happy stitching as you travel.

  16. I love the seeing car caddy too. I think I'll have to dream up a pattern for one.

  17. What a great idea with the sun visor caddy. That is what I call travel in style. Super, can't get over that idea, never seen anything like it.


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