Saturday, 10 January 2015

A Long Forgotten Project

Last night was Friday Night With Friends. You can join in here.  

I am really enjoying hand quilting on my new quilting frame. But, just wanted to work on a small project so I can experience the satisfaction of a finish. I stitched this many years ago, last night it transformed into a pin cushion.

First I made a twisted chord.

Found a bag of silica sand to fill it.

Now I can also link up with Finish It Up Friday at Crazy Mom Quilts.

I've been experiencing a big learning curve using my new Grace Hand Quilting frame. I have a new chair, a Christmas gift from Mr Stitch so I can sit for long periods without an aching back.

A little side table made in woodwork class by Mr 16 holds all my tools of the trade with room underneath for a few quilting books.

 I know the hand quilting police will be 'tisk, tisking' at my large stitches. But, this quilt has been an experiment from the start with the patchwork construction. So why be any different with the quilting?

That includes experimenting with needles. I am generally happy with the one I am using, but feel there might be a better choice out there that could give me a better result. 

So, finally a question....

What types of needles do you use when hand quilting?

 More photos of quilting progress coming up in my next post.


  1. as I have no idea I would be interested in the answers............

  2. Love the chair and the table...very thoughtful men at your house (and clever)! Love the finish...I remember that! Your quilting looks great!

  3. What a great idea for your little bit of embroidery. It must feel good to put something that's been hanging around for a while to a good -- and beautiful -- use! : )

  4. a beautiful finish!.. I know a certain thimble person who would like that!! LOL
    I bought some 40 count x-stitch is back on the menu for me too!

  5. I think Lea was referring to me, and she is right! It's lovely. You are all set to quilt up a storm now, great job on the side table Mr 16. I think your quilting looks fine. My first quilting teacher said to focus on uniform stitches at the start, not necessarily small stitches, that will come with practice.

  6. I love the finish! And on the wouldn't be YOURS if you didn't do it YOUR way :D

  7. Lucky you having such thoughtful males in your household. Your quilting looks fine to me.

  8. I use the thimble lady needles, but at end of the day tis what you are comfortable with.

  9. Love your pincushion and what a handy and thoughtful son you have :) Barb.

  10. Your pincushion is gorgeous. Cheers, Tracy.

  11. Love your pincushion and the quilt you are busy quilting. Your stitches look great to me. I'm clueless about hand quilting so no pearls of needle wisdom from me I'm afraid. Your son did a great job making that table but the chair.... looks like an instrument of torture :o) Have fun with your

  12. Way to go on all of your projects! You are going to love that stool!

  13. So cute, glad you found it and finished it.
    Your quilting area is looking great too


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