Friday, 7 June 2013

Half Way There

I am half way through joining up my flannel hexagon flowers. I took this photo yesterday afternoon on our carefully manicured lawn the grass in the backyard. I finished that row on the right hand side last night. Only three more rows to go!!

It has been fun using up lots of flannel scraps I have accumulated over the years. It's different to anything I've done before. Combining all of those fabrics as well as paper piecing flannel. For so long now I have been buying from a range of fabrics and know it will all go together. 

 I keep looking at it thinking 'Yes this is the look I'm after, scrappy like Grandma used to make'. The next time I look at it I think 'I'm not sure this looks quite right but... oh well.... it will be warm.'

Not sure how much stitching will happen tonight, you might have to count this as my Friday Night With Friends post as No. 2 son turns 18 today. Quiet family dinner at home tonight. (His choice). Party is on in a few weeks (long story).

Tomorrow the whole family will be together. We are travelling to Sydney to look at a car for No.2 son. He's been saving madly and is finally ready to make a purchase. Then to watch No. 1 son perform in a concert (he is studying music). Finally, family dinner in the city. I'm quite excited!! 
So not a lot of time for posts till Sunday.

Enjoy your weekend...especially if it is a long weekend for you too. 


  1. The flannel quilt is looking will have it done in no time.....

  2. Your flower garden looks lovely!!!! enjoy all our family festivities!

  3. It's looking great, will be so warm and snuggly. Enjoy your family celebrations, 18 is quite a milestone.

  4. This looks delightful to me! How else could you make this, but, SCRAPPY! LOL I love your wide variety of scraps too!

  5. Love all your bright colours for your flower garden.
    All the best for the 18th birthday, it's a great age.
    Cheers, Anita.

  6. its looking fantastic,well done.xx


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