Sunday, 30 June 2013

Flannel Hexie Border On

Well that border fabric finally arrived on Tuesday and since then I have been adding the borders to my Flannel Hexagon Quilt. Bit of an experiment working out how to add a border to something that is not a regular shape. 

It didn't take as long as I thought considering that I stitched it by hand. Did a bit at Fairy Floss Stitches last night while No. 3 Son played a gig with some friends. So nice to have the company of friends while you stitch. (Sorry too busy stitching to take photos). Finished it while watching Tomic beat Gasquet at Wimbledon last night. I just LOVE the holidays!!

Today's job....basting.


  1. It does look fabulous, the dark red is perfect for it. Hope it's coming to Cassilis.

  2. the border looks great, love those big hexies.

  3. wow it looks fantastic,and such lovely colours too,well done.xx

  4. It looks great in real life too! Should be more holidays and stitching nights! Xx

  5. Love the colour :)


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