Monday, 17 June 2013

A Finish For June

Here is the birth sampler I stitched for my niece, to celebrate her Christening last weekend. I collected it from the framers last Wednesday, just in time for the weekend's celebrations.

We flew to Melbourne last weekend for the Christening. I could have sworn my boarding pass indicated that we were flying to Melbourne, but it felt more like Antarctica while we waited for the shuttle bus to take us to the car hire venue.

Here is DS No. 2 waiting at the airport, it really was that cold. Believe it or not, he could see his phone well enough through his beannie to text his friends while waiting for the shuttle bus. And no....the weather did not all. It was FREEZING!!

Anyway...I have an OPAM finish for June. Have more to show you, but I have to stitch a gift for an expectant mum tonight. Will blog more later in the week.


  1. The sampler is gorgeous, well done. I'm sure your son attracted some strange looks at the airport!

  2. yes that sampler is gorgeous,well done and yes the weather is terribly cold at the moment,lol,love that last pic of your DS.xx


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