Thursday, 25 April 2013

The Three Bears...a slightly different version

Once upon a time there was a little cottage built deep in the woods.

Birds would often visit the family that lived there and tweet little birdy songs and flowers grew all around.

In this cottage lived a  family of bears who LOVED to eat porridge and walk in the woods. This particular morning they decided to combine these activities and take their porridge with them.

 Why? I hear you ask.

 Because they read their star guide that morning and it predicted that they would be visited by a short blonde stranger who would eat them out of house and home.

Surprisingly the short blonde stranger went by the name of Goldilocks and she LOVED to pick flowers. When she arrived at the cottage of the three bears she knocked on the door. Nobody answered, but the rude little girl walked right in anyway and started looking for food. 

All she could find was the chocolate that Mumma bear had stashed away to savour while she sewed late into the night when Baby Bear was asleep and Poppa Bear was on night shift.

Tired AND only slightly nourished, she looked for a place to rest.

The house did not contain a single chair, but it did have three beds with some really nice patchwork quilts lovingly stitched by Mumma Bear. After trying all of the beds, she discovered that the wee little baby bed was 'just right'...and know the rest of the story.

TaDaaaa...I have finally finished my nieces birth sampler.

 (The surname in the middle has been stitched, but I took the photo before the light vanished on me this afternoon)

I had to do a little reverse sewing on the border this afternoon when I realised the leaves on the upper side of the vine in the bottom left hand corner were pointing the wrong way. I only noticed that recently.

Oh well, at least I picked it up BEFORE it was framed.


  1. Beautiful work Raelee. I'm sure your niece will treasure it as she grows up.

  2. Ohh tis gorgeous! Your niece will love it!

  3. You are the fastest stitcher I looks fabulous! I had to noticed it before framing....aah I remember the doves!!!


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