Friday, 12 April 2013

Hooray for Holidays

I am really excited. Not only am I on holidays. But I am going away...again.
My friend Julie and I are going to visit Cardygirl.

I have packed just a few projects... Ok maybe a few too many for one weekend.But you just don't know what you'll feel like doing when you get there. I'm going back to my Girl Guide days and following the motto to always 'be prepared'.

One project I have packed is my flannel hexagon quilt. So far I have finished 14 rather large hexagons.

Some blue and mustard ones... 

some black and red ones...

some cream and green ones... 

and some brown ones.

I have enough now to play with design options. Just 23 will top a queen size bed!! Large hexagons makes for some fairly fast piecing. 

Hope you get some sewing done this weekend too.


  1. Have fun on your girls weekend. Your flannel hexie quilt will be so snuggly.

  2. Love your lounge. And your cushions look right at home.

  3. Oh have a great with with Julie at Cardy's.......say hi to both the girls for me.........don't need to say have fun cause I know you will.......

  4. Ohh have a wonderful time with Cardy!!! Enjoy!!


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