Saturday, 27 April 2013

New Project-Toes In The Sand BOM

With my cross stitch now finished. I wondered what to do next...Hmmmm..

Start a new project of course!

I signed up for a BOM called Toes In The Sand. Now, red is my favourite colour, but I saw this in blue and white and really liked it. The first instalment arrived a few days ago and I couldn't wait to get started. Not only that, my record with completing BOM's is pretty bad. So I'm keen not to get behind.

This project requires a Hex N More Ruler which is the other reason I wanted to make this quilt. This ruler helps you cut out 60 degree triangles, hexagons, half hexagons and jewels. Sounded interesting and I wanted to try something new. 
I did become a little concerned when the pattern arrived. It is a book with most of the pages dedicated to instructions on how to cut out with this ruler!!

 After reading it a few times, my head stopped spinning and decided to make a start.

The first block was a fairly simple construction with 60 degree triangles to ease you into it. You have to be careful handling the pieces because there are a whole lot of bias edges you're dealing with.

So here is block one in two fabric combinations. Background fabric will be white.

 Most of you probably have something to store your blocks as you complete them. My mum made this one for me a few years ago now and it is really handy. The cylinder shape is one of those foam noodles the kids use to float around in the pool with. She covered it in some wadding first and then fabric. When rolled out fully it is about 24x24 inches. So you can store some really big blocks in it.

Looks like this when all rolled up and it is so easy to transport or store your blocks without them getting lost, dirty or 'hard to iron out' folds in them.


  1. Your new BOM does look like it will challenge you. Really interesting blocks and the block keeper is a great idea. I only got one recently and it's very handy.

  2. Wow love your new ruler!! Mums are cool hey, wish my mum would make one of those,


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