Saturday, 12 December 2015

A Quick Catch Up and Finish It Up Friday

Like everyone, I've been a bit busy and absent from my blog. This weekend is a chance to catch up before launching into another week of choas. I will be brief and tell the story with pictures.

I caught up with the Cassilis Quilters a little while ago.

Lovely gifts were exchanged.

I made some little travel jewellery cases for my friends. Here they are zipped up...

...and open. 

They have a little pockets for necklaces etc. on one side and a place for earrings on the other.

So, I can finally update my OPAM tally for November on my side bar. (Yes, yes, I know we are half way though December). The pattern is called 'Finder Keepers' by Keiko Clark of K Cotton Studio. It appeared in a copy of Quilts and More Winter 2012.

 I'm also linking up to Amanda Jean for Finish It Up Friday with this long overdue post.

Finally a sneak peak at what I hope have to finish ready to take to the post office by Monday...

...just keep working to deadlines at the moment. It's a Christmas gift of course.

Longer deadline for this project...

...have until midnight on Christmas Eve for this  ;)

Love making gifts for little nieces and nephews!

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Hi Raelee what a lovely happy post,oh i love those jewellery cases you made i have the pattern and have thought of making them,were they hard to make,lots of fun and lovely gifts,enjoy your weekend my friend xx

  2. nice to see you girls caught up for Christmas..........

  3. It was a lovely Christmas celebration at Cassilis, and the hand made gifts were amazing! Good luck with your Christmas deadlines, looks like fun applique.

  4. Your jewellery cases are just cute. Lucky ladies who got them.

  5. I love the little jewellery cases - what a lovely gift idea. Good luck with your Christmas finishes!

  6. Very cute cases! They will make lovely gifts. Is there a tutorial you used?


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