Sunday 31 January 2016

January Update in Pictures...Lots of Pictures!

January has been a little crazy here. Sewing has been a great distraction. Lots to tell, will try and do it with pictures.
I finally finished my nephew's library bag. Did I mention he LOVES pirates!
 Here's the front...

...and the back.

Close up of treasure map...

I'm sure Cardygirl remembers this pattern.

DS No 1 has taken a year off university study to rethink his career path and taken up a trainee ship in a child care centre while he works out exactly which age group he would like to eventually teach. Leading language group time experiences is always a bit daunting when you start out, so I made him a few props to help him with that.

They all fit into the spotty bag in the background and each prop fits into a felt pocket seen behind the glove puppet. 
Couldn't buy a felt board, so had to make that too.

The glove has a bee hive on the back (in case you weren't sure what that was)...

...the other side has bees embroidered on the fingertips. You know the song? "Here is the beehive, where are the bees?....."

"Twinkle, twinkle little star..."

"Hickory dickory dock, the mouse ran up the clock..."

"Three jelly fish, three jelly fish..."

Did I mention I'm a preschool teacher? Singing all my favourite songs here.

"Five little speckled frogs, sat on a speckled log..."

Humpty Dumpty did get a face. The last two were completed in the car on the way to visit our son, forgot to take a photo of Humpty finished.

A quick visit with our son, followed by a family wedding. Then we flew to Melbourne to fulfil a long term wish to see the Australian Open.
A selfie at the 'Selfie Ball'. 

We had a ground pass for Day 1.
Great seats at Show Court 3. 
OMG, it was SO hot!!

Luckily we found a seat in the shade so we didn't fry. Watched top players like Carla Suarez Navaro, Marin Cilic, and Vasek Pospisil. Could have stayed here and watched the female champion Angelique Kerber who took the tittle but changed courts to watch the new Australian player Tomjanlovic.

The next night we sat in Rod Laver Arena with amazingly awesome seats to watch Leyton Hewitt play and win for the last time in his singles career.

Yes we were front row, on the baseline!!
No need to zoom in for this shot, we were that close to the action!!
Only problem was stopping Mr Stitch from thinking he was a linesman and be as vocal and enthusiastic as he is when watching on the TV at home.

He only shouted two "COME ON's!!" before a linesman called the ball out and one "Let."

Well... it was a let. Luckily he didn't say it loud enough for the players to hear and he was more restrained after that. Waiting until after the linesman's call before cheering loudly.

Would love to be able to go every year.

Finally, I have joined OPAM again this year. I find it very motivating. Sign ups close tomorrow, click here if you would like to join in.

I've managed to finish fifteen projects this month. A record number of finishes for me, thanks to all of the tiny, quick finish felt projects I made.

I tend to take the tittle quite literally and only finish One Project A Month. 
But that's OK.

Three more small finishes to show you, but I think this post is way too long already.

So bye for now.

Sunday 27 December 2015

Has anyone seen my diet?

I seem to have lost something. I seem to loose it at the same time every diet.
 It seems to coincide with my desire to make extremely high fat, high sugar desserts around Christmas time. 

This year I made a Red Velvet Cake Trifle with strawberries, raspberries, marscapone cheese etc.

This was accompanied by Honeycomb Ice Cream Cake.

The result seemed to make all the younger nieces and nephews very active.

But the older male nephews and our sons more sloth like.

Strange how young children power on while those twelve and older need the afternoon 'Nanna Nap'.

We alternate year about on Christmas Day. This year we spent the day at my parents-in-law. 

On the sewing front, I have finally finished a library bag for my niece who will commence Kindergarten when school resumes next year.

A chance to practice my free motion quilting and raw edge applique.

Sadly I have not sewn much at all this month, too much happening. But I hope to make some time today and finish a library bag for my nephew.

Hope you have time to sew too.

Saturday 12 December 2015

A Quick Catch Up and Finish It Up Friday

Like everyone, I've been a bit busy and absent from my blog. This weekend is a chance to catch up before launching into another week of choas. I will be brief and tell the story with pictures.

I caught up with the Cassilis Quilters a little while ago.

Lovely gifts were exchanged.

I made some little travel jewellery cases for my friends. Here they are zipped up...

...and open. 

They have a little pockets for necklaces etc. on one side and a place for earrings on the other.

So, I can finally update my OPAM tally for November on my side bar. (Yes, yes, I know we are half way though December). The pattern is called 'Finder Keepers' by Keiko Clark of K Cotton Studio. It appeared in a copy of Quilts and More Winter 2012.

 I'm also linking up to Amanda Jean for Finish It Up Friday with this long overdue post.

Finally a sneak peak at what I hope have to finish ready to take to the post office by Monday...

...just keep working to deadlines at the moment. It's a Christmas gift of course.

Longer deadline for this project...

...have until midnight on Christmas Eve for this  ;)

Love making gifts for little nieces and nephews!

Have a lovely weekend.

Saturday 14 November 2015

FMQ baby wholecloth finished.

I finished my FMQ quilt started at the workshop I attended with Jan Foster from Red Shed Quilting.
It was lots of fun to do and I'm looking forward to starting another one, but the calendar is fast filling up and I think it will have to go on the wish list for 2016.

I love the texture FMQ creates.

Linking up with Amanada Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts for Finifh It Up Friday.

Wednesday 11 November 2015

Middlebrook Retreat

We had a great time last weekend and met some lovely new friends. 
Here are some photos from the retreat held at Middlebrook...

Googy Girl made this lovely table runner...

Susan brought along a cute litter of puppies...

Kylie worked on her first ever hand piecing project...

Karleen joined us for the first time...

Julie started her 'Gravity' quilt...

Jenny worked on her Christmas embroidery...

And Fiona was very busy on a mission to finish lots of projects. She definitely won the prize for the most finishes. I thought that Susan could graciously donate this gorgeous mini she finished quilting while she was there.

Strangely enough she was not keen to part with it.

 So, Fiona will have to go with the alternate prize...
the pleasure of our company :) 

I worked on my FMQ project from the Jan Foster workshop I attended recently. Also a little bit on my felt cushion from the Wendy Williams workshop I went to during the holidays.

We missed seeing some good friends from last year, hopefully they will be able to join in the fun again next year. 

Saturday 7 November 2015

Friday Night With Friends

At Middlebrook in the Hunter Valley sewing with friends Friday night and all weekend. Watch this space for an update. The morning after the night before, back into it already...


Susan hiding behind her mini. Watch this space.

Sunday 1 November 2015

Another Block Holder and Violet Washed Successfully!!

I made this block holder for me friend Kylie who celebrated her birthday last week.

It is made with fabrics from the Miss Kate range designed by Bonnie and Camille one of her favourite designers.

So I have five finishes for OPAM for the month of October, equalling my 2015 record from January.  Not a bad effort considering it is school holidays during January. Two quilts, two block holders and a costume in one month. 

I expect to return to my one finish per month average for the rest of 2015.

Finally, great news!!
I washed Violet and I am SO excited. The Colour Catchers performed their magic and the dye did not run into the rest of the quilt!


You  might remember the problem I had when the dye ran after trying to remove the water soluble blue marker lines while quilting around the flower above. This photo does not show how dark the colour run was.

I took this flower off before washing and replaced it with the one at the top in the picture below. 

I decided to leave the brown one, use lots of colour catchers and hope for the best. I have a front loading washing machine. I sat on the floor of the laundry like a child whose mum had just thrown their favourite teddy bear in for a wash and watched with baited breath....for and hour!

Slowly the colour catchers turned pale mauve...and then purple. 

BUT, the background fabric stayed cream.

The best part was, the dye that had stained the background fabric around those flowers also washed out. I was SO happy with the result.

Hope you have had a relaxing weekend.