Monday, 25 March 2013

Easter Gift

I will be meeting my new nephew for the first time this weekend. So I pondered what would be a suitable gift for him. After all, at five weeks of age, he is probably a little too young to be introduced to chocolate by his chocoholic Aunt.

I decided that a gift with an Easter theme was in order. So last night I stitched these.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Start Of A New Project

Last weekend I made my third trip to Sydney in four weekends! It has been a very busy month. I would not usually travel to Sydney that many times in a year! However that is just how the month has been.

 The most recent trip was to see Bruce Springsteen in concert. I had bought tickets for my husband as a Christmas gift. What a fantastic performance!! 

We had a chance to catch up with DS No.1 and bring several items he forgot to take back with him to uni. It was lovely to have dinner with him to celebrate his birthday. Can't believe I am old enough to be the mother of a 20 year old. Now that he is no longer a teenager, maybe he won't be so forgetful (I wish).

While away, I got to visit Material Obsession for the first time.


The quilts were so inspirational. Lots of hand quilting, LOADS of colour and some darker quilts with felt, wool and appliqué that I also really liked. Not to mention all of the gorgeous fabric. It was a bit overwhelming.

 I just HAD to buy something!!! But what and where to start?

 I tend to stick to quite traditional, safe options (which I do really like). But a trip to this store really makes you think outside the square and want to experiment a bit.
So, I bought this first for some guidance and inspiration for future projects.

Eventually I decided on these flannels and some 2 and 1/2 inch hexagon papers for EPP. These will be added to my collection of flannel scraps I have acquired over the years. I have always wanted to make a quilt out of my flannel scraps. Still looks like a safe option doesn't it.

As for the design....well that's where I am going to think outside of the square. I am going to try and make that up. Haven't designed anything before, but it's only scraps, so what's the harm? I was inspired by a quilt in the store that used these large hexagons with flannels. Not sure how it will turn out, but you won't know if you don't try. I'm thinking quilting with large stitches in perle 8 thread etc. appliquéd with a few different borders maybe....

So, last night I made a start.

So far I have cut out a few of each of the my darker flannels as well as some from my friend Julie's collection so I can have a bit of a play. Have a few ideas floating around in my head. Will be a nice portable project when I visit my new nephew during the Easter weekend. Can't wait to meet him.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

FNSI and Finish It Up Friday

Here is my first Friday Night Sew In project. I am excited that I can also participate in Finish It Up Friday because that is exactly what happened last night. I finished my nephew's birth sampler. Just needs a wash and a visit to the framer.

I have to say this is a record. I did manage to stitch this in a fortnight.Less three days out for a trip away where it was going to be impossible to cross stitch in the car.

Why the rush?

Well, it will be our gift when we attend his Christening. Possible dates included April....this year. So, you see my need for speed.
His big sister will also be Christened at the same time, so..... now I need to start on hers.

Good news, new dates are going to be closer to July now. Phew!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

New Quilt for a New Nephew

The weekend before last, I was invited to take part in a quilting weekend. Unfortunatley I could only make it on Sunday (due to trip to Sydney-see post before last). I really enjoyed spending the day with some lovely ladies who were making some really lovely quilts, bags etc.
I made this from more of my Jungle Bungle fabric I bought from Red Raspberry Quilts.

The fabris is so cute!
I made the quilt top on the Sunday and had a go at quilting it last weekend. If I had more time I would have quilted by hand. BUT, I want to get better at machine quilting and thought a small project like this would be good to practice on. I am reasonably happy with the result.
Label went on last night.
I have made this for my new nephew as a little quilt to throw on the floor. I bit brighter than I would usually make for a baby, but I thought it might become a nice one to snuggle under on the lounge in his preschool years. So, I backed it with a really soft flannel. It feels SO warm.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

A Lovely Day at the Cricket

Today my friend Kylie and I took our boys and some of their friends to play in a cricket match. They were playing for their school team against another school about one hour away.
We made a very quick trip to a quilt shop once the boys started play for a few supplies (started a new project last weekend...will show that one soon). Then with hot chocolate and muffins in hand, found a lovely shady spot under a jacaranda tree to settle in and cheer the boys on.

Kylie started another block in her Scandnavian Rose quilt.

 I took the linen I bought in Sydney last weekend for one of my secret cross stitch projects.

The boys had a great time and played really well.
The bonus was they came away with a win.
We get to do it all again tomorrow night when they play in the local competition. Their team has made the minor semi-finals this season.

Saturday, 2 March 2013


My first Friday Night With Friends was spent at McDonalds in the Sydney Entertainment Centre. Why you may ask? Well, Son No.2 had bought tickets to see Ed Shearan. He hasn't been driving long and it is such a long way, I was asked along to share the driving. Second trip to Sydney in seven days. Both times the driving conditions were dreadful due to the bad weather.
I did get to make a stop on the way into the city at the Crewel Gobelin for some linen and threads for two new cross stitch projects that need to remain a secret for the moment.

After some reconnaissance to find a suitable place to stitch, I found McDonalds was the best option there...mainly due to the good lighting. It was PACKED!! So decided to look around the shops in the area.

 Son No. 3 is travelling to South Korea in a cultural exchange with his school in April. I was lucky enough to stumble across a shop that sold gifts with an Australian flavour for him to give to the lovely family that will host him while he is there.
That helped to fill in time while I waited for the HUGE  crowd to vacate Maccas.

First some supplies to keep me hydrated and nourished and then to work.
My brother and his wife welcomed a baby boy into our family last Sunday, so I decided to do a little stitching onto a few items of clothing. They have just returnd to Australia after living in London for many years, so I thought this would be apporpriate. Practice on a singlet first.


Then a row
of little soldiors onto a bib. I almost finished a little teddy bear onto a body suit but will have to show you that one tomorrow.
 I hope you a had a chance to sew along last night too.