Friday, 27 June 2014

Guess where I am?

You may have noticed I have not posted for a while. Well....there is a good reason. And by good and mean REALLY good. Mr Stitch and I are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. He has whisked me away to a special place and if I show you a photo, I wonder if you can guess where we are.

Still mastering the selfie. 
Can you see the structure in the background? Let me make it bigger for you.

So now you know.
We left for Paris via Singapore a couple of weeks ago. We have been on a tour of some very beautiful areas around France and are now back in Paris. On the tour we saw the Bayeux tapestry. It is 1000 years old and shows the story of the battle of Hastings in 1066. It is an unbelievable 70m long and half a metre high. It was AMAZING!!
I found a broderie (embroidery) store and bought a couple of kits as a momento. 

Mr Stitch thought it would be a great idea to collect kits with all of the images and stitch them....
ALL 70 m of them!!
Yeah sure!!
Have not found a patchwork store yet, but I know they exist in France.

We are having a fabulous time. Tomorrow we catch the train to Bruges in Belgium. They have over 35 different beers and 22 Chocolatiers in Bruges.....something for everyone I say.
My only concern is that three days in Bruges will not be enough. That's an average of 7 Chocolatiers per day.... I can only try my best. 
My French is improving. I have learnt lots of greetings and phrases to manage the basics as well as some really important ones like know 'au vere vin blanc s'il yous plait' (a glass of white wine please), 'mouse au chocolate' (chocolate mousse) and 'soldes' ( you guessed it, clothing stores have sales in France as well). 
I have also found the restaurant that makes the BEST PROFITEROLES EVER!!!!!!!
The only problem we have experienced is that the clothes driers in France must dry clothes at a much higher temperature because my jeans seem to have shrunk. They were not that tight when I left......hmmmmm.

Will be back on line in a du (2) weeks.

Au revoir