Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Free Motion Quilting Workshop

Last Saturday I travelled to Finders Keepers to join in on a free motion quilting workshop conducted by the lovely Jan Foster from Red Shed Quilting. The project is called 'Wibble Wobble Baby Whole Cloth Quilt'.

I learnt so much about batting, needles and thread. 
That was before we turned our machines on.

So I have been practicing everyday to try and improve. It's lots of fun but takes a whole lot of hand, foot and eye coordination. Problem is, I never was very good at sport.

This is what my quilt should look like when I'm finished.

This is what it looks like at the moment.

Hmmm...looks like I have more practicing to do.


  1. Hi Raelee,wow i think it is going to be amazing your quilt,we all have to start somewhere,i have been putting off practising,too scared,but you are doing a wonderful job my friend xx

  2. Looks real good to me ... Jan is so lovely I had the pleasure of meeting her a couple of weeks ago xxx

  3. Your practice piece looks amazing....keep pressure though!!!

  4. Don't be too hard on yourself Raelee, your skills will improve quickly enough with all the practice you're doing!

  5. it looks wonderful... and you will be amazed at the end when you take out your marking etc you won't even notice your little mistakes... we are always noticing what we do wrong but it won't show...


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