Saturday, 28 March 2015

A March Finish and Violet Progress

Last night I finished this little tooth fairy pillow for my niece. Which is really good timing as I needed to finish something for the month of March for OPAM.

There are little silver seed beads and a cute little star for the end of her wand give it just enough bling. 

There is a pocket on the back for the tooth and any little surprise the tooth fairy might leave. I know Fairy Floss Stitches will like this one. You should pop over and check out her post from 16th March to see what we got up to on our retreat at Two Rivers. I have been a very slack blogger this month. March has been a particularly busy month for reasons that are way to boring to talk about here. 

Despite the craziness of our household, I have made time to sew my A Legacy From Violet quilt. It has been neglected in the cupboard since July last year waiting to have the final two borders attached. Every time I  try to add a border, I hesitate and procrastinate. I think this is because I am still haunted from the nightmares of this incident. When adding the first border, I realised I had made a HUGE mistake. It just wouldn't fit, and this is just a small section pinned together. Multiply the difference in size by about five and you can imagine how far out I was with my measurements. EPP SHOULD be a fairly exact science!!!

My first border didn't fit and I had more trouble with the second one and had to redesign it and cross my fingers that the rest of the borders would fit. Otherwise it was going to give up and turn it into a very big cushion.

To this day, I do not know where I went wrong. Every time a new border is ready to go on, I freak out and pack it up until I can face the possibility of the nightmares returning.

Anyway, I am pleased to show you progress despite my fears.

Border five has been successfully added and I have one final border to add. 

It now measures 82" x 87".

Border six is my favourite. 

So I am busy making the papers to add this border and then....onto the quilting frame for quilting. I hope to have it on my bed by October, in time for next Summer. Maybe I am being a bit ambitious to have it finished by then. But a girl's got to have a dream...dreams are much better than nightmares.

Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Oh Raelee, Violet is looking magnificent. The borders are perfect, I'm so glad you persevered through your earlier border issues. Can't wait to see it in person. The little cushion is a very cute keepsake.

  2. Hi Raelee,love your cute cushion and wow your quilt is awesome,love it,you are very clever my friend xx

  3. thats a really sweet tooth fairy cushion.. the quilt is exquisite.... love it

  4. Violet is just beautiful!… keep going..Your nearly there!
    The tooth fairy might steal that pillow! its too cute!

  5. Violet is absolutely gorgeous! I'm so glad you beat those borders into submission.... a very big cushion would no doubt have been lovely but the whole quilt.... fabulous! Love the Tooth Fairy cushion too. xxx


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