Friday, 26 July 2013

Flannel Hexie Progress

Some time back in late June (I think) I basted my Flannel Hexie Quilt.

When it comes to basting, I'm a bit soft. I hate crawling around on a hard timber floor sandwiching a quilt together. My back... my knees...they get so sore and I feel SO old.

Then one day Mr Stitch bought me the most unromantic but MOST useful gift EVER.

Knee pads!! If you don't have some...get some.

So now, I only need to practice a few of those stretches I learnt in the one yoga class I ever went to. You know, the ones ...hissing cat and downward dog (or whatever they were called). I do these every five minutes or so to stretch out my back and I feel like a Spring chick again.

 I have quilted around 35 flowers and have just 7 to go. Then I will be able to start on the border.

I have been using Perle 5 and Perle 8 thread to quilt around the centres and petals.

And here is the back.

While my hand quilting is far from perfect, I really like the honeycomb effect it makes on the back.

So now I'm off to snuggle under my quilt and finish those flowers while the weather is still cold. It's the perfect project for this time of year.
Enjoy your weekend...hope you get some stitching done too.


  1. Looks fabulous...the quilt, not your knees! But that lovely Mr Stitch had the right idea...what a man!

  2. They are such an attractive accessory! A very thoughtful gift. The quilt is looking great, and such a good project for this cold weather.

  3. Awww, Mr. Stitch sounds like a sweetheart!
    Your hand stitching looks great!

  4. Looks great Raelee. Loving the unromantic Pressie too :) your quilting is looking great too

  5. Oh Raelee...the quilt is amazing....ant those knee it...


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