Sunday, 22 February 2015

FNSI- A New Project

 My friend Julie and I bought the kit to make this quilt about 4 or 5 years ago!! It was an absolute bargain at the time. We still love it.
We got together for FNSI to cut it out so we can sew it next weekend at a quilting retreat we have planned. We wanted to be able to focus while cutting this one out as the chances of buying more fabric in that range are slim after so many years.

Below, a sample of some of some of the fabrics. All French General. The one on the left is for the large outer border. It is meant to be fussy cut. But we discovered that we were not sent enough to fussy cut and centre the tree and bird design down the length of the border.

As it was Friday, we did relax over dinner and a couple of wines and didn't start cutting until 9pm. Big mistake. There is a lot of cutting in this quilt. We stopped at 12.40am for a cuppa and slice and then soldiered on.

By 3am, we stopped cutting...too weary. We decided we would not use that border fabric, but would use it for backing fabric. There were discussions about options to solve our dilemma. At 4am we decided it was bed time.

 Next morning we decided we would add an extra row of stars.That plan was shelved when we went to cut fabric for the extra stars only to find that there wasn't quite enough.

Plan the closest quilting stores for luck there. 

Plan on line.

So, we are now ready for our quilting weekend with our project cut out and more border fabric on its way to my letterbox.

Pop over here to see what everyone else was up to.


  1. Wow that was a marathon effort!! Well done to get it all cut out and sorted. Very nice fabric. Enjoy your quilting weekend.

  2. Dedication! Hope your final solution works out! That's a gorgeous quilt, will be worth the late night!

  3. Very brave.....I wouldn't touch a rotary cutter after a few wines (or after midnight!). But good to have the fabric on its way so you can stitch all weekend.......wish I was going too.

  4. Hi Ralee oh my glad you both got it all sorted out,it will look fantastic and boy mighty effort you both put in xx

  5. Oh my goodness !
    Well done !
    Have a nice day !

  6. Great effort!.. I'd better pull my finger out and get something organised too!…don't think I'll do a 4am stint though!!… I'll save that for the weekend!! HAHA!!

  7. The fabrics alone are a feast for the eyes! Isn't it fun losing track of time with a friend working on something together! Best wishes on this great project! Love the new blog layout too!

  8. It will be a lovely quilt..quite a trial for you in the cutting..having someone else working on it as well will be a help.

  9. The worst part is over It will be a lovely quilt

  10. Did you have your eyes propped open with matchsticks! You deserve a medal for cutting through the night like that. Still it'll be worth it when you arrive at retreat ready to hit the sewing machine. Glad you managed to find more border fabric.... have fun xx


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