Saturday, 26 July 2014

A New Project and A Question

It's hard to believe that we have been home a couple of weeks. We had the most amazing time. 
Life is returning to normal, back at work and into the regular routine of life. 

I did get to the Darling Harbour Quilt show but I didn't take many photos and have been a bit slack posting, so you can see our adventures if you pop over to Fairy Floss, Country Wishes, Chookyblue or Thimblestitch.

I am getting into some sewing now and I am REALLY keen to actually finish something....problem is, the projects on the go at the moment are a bit big. So, I've started something new!
This project is great for using up scraps!

Wrap it around some clothesline rope and you can turn it into this...
Handles are on order. Should arrive this week and then I will have a new handbag!
Pop over to Country Wishes to see more photos on our progress and the fun night we had with our new personal tutor Fairy Floss.
If the postman is speedy, I might just have an OPAM finish this month. Wont Peg and be surprised!!
Now for my question...
I usually post on my computer, but want to do it on my iPad. I downloaded Blogger onto it and have posted from there a few times. However, it's not as flexible as Blogger on the computer. For example, I can't change the size and position of photos, I can't work out how to add links, can't change the name a few. Thimblestitch uses a different program that can't be downloaded anymore.
Does anyone else use their iPad to post?
What program do you use?
Are you happy with it?
Looking forward to your responses.


  1. Wow, your bag looks amazing. Are you adding the darker red handles? I'm afraid I'm not much help with your iPad questions....I really hope blogger+ keeps working for a long time! or I'll have to learn some new tricks! Good luck.

  2. You've obviously done more work on your bag since Thursday! It looks great. I use blogger on my iPad but have the same issues as you. I have managed to change my font though through the design section on the computer.

  3. was great to see you in Sydney........thanks for including me........
    your bag looks great.......well done..........


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