Saturday, 29 March 2014

Border Three Finished

I know, two posts in two weeks! After my slack efforts so far this year, I can't believe it either.
Border three is on my Violet quilt!!
It now measures about 50x52 inches. I'm so excited to see it grow!
Now that all of the papers are out, I can go back and applique the hexie flowers onto border two in between the stars.
I am well on the way with preparation for the sixth and final border.

Templates are made...

...papers are cut...

...half the fabrics have been cut out.

I've even had a little practice because I've never used scallops before and wasn't sure about covering the papers with this shape. With the help of my glue pen, so far it is going well. So this border is the portable part of this project while I keep adding borders at home.
Hope you are enjoying the weekend and this beautiful Autumn weather.


  1. You could stop there and it looks magnificent! Will be fantastic with the next borders on, and love the way the scallops are looking. Can't wait to see it in person.

  2. Simply stunning! Those scallops are going to be so dynamic! One request....could you please send Spring my way now????

  3. Looks gorgeous Raelee glad to see you blogging again :) LOL!
    (My new blog

  4. goodluck with the will be fine..............


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