Friday, 3 May 2013

FNWF Life Is Beautiful BOM-More Progress

Friday Night With Friends motivated me to make some more progress on this quilt. First I had to fix a little problem I noticed just recently.

Hmmm... definitely didn't use a quarter inch seam allowance there. 
This is a 'quilt as you go' project and it has been a little challenging to get the same finish on this quilt that you can achieve when sewing a quilt the regular way.

The quilt was in four sections and tonight I sewed the sashing on to join all of these sections so that all of the rows are now together.

Tomorrow night's job is to slip stitch the three new rows of sashing on the back of the quilt.

Then make about 19 more of these and appliqué them onto the intersection of the new sashing pieces. Then I will be up to my favourite part....the binding. I'm excited to be so close to finishing this project.

Off to bed for me now, I'm soccer mum tomorrow and we have an away game. Driving to Warner's Bay for the match. Should Google to see if there are any nice quilt stores in the area before I go to bed. Any suggestions?

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Hope you had a chance to get a little sewing done too.


  1. It's looking good, and nearly finished too!

  2. Love this quilt, wish I had decided to make it. Maybe one day. Hugs.....

  3. Beautiful quilt, the fabrics and colours are lovely.

  4. Your quilt is looking great. I must learn how to put them together this way as well.

  5. My gosh! I have admired this quilt from afar for so long in Homespun mag. Now to see it (almost) in the flesh it is as good as I thought. Your stitching and fabrics are wonderful. Looking forward to seeing more. Thanks for sharing.

  6. The quilt looks wonderful and you're so close to being finished!

  7. Ohh so close, looks fabulous!


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